Shelter in Place Day 3 The Biggest Slack Ever

It’s not raining anymore but the sound of military choppers on search and rescue is constant. There are several dozen still missing in the mud including some folks we know, friends of Ax’s, like that. My family is alive, our houses stand, so we are among the lucky ones. We don’t have electricity. We have water, but it needs to be boiled before using it. We have gas, and our stove is gas, so that’s a big plus. We’ve been told to use water sparingly, which does not bode well.

We can leave the area, but if we do we won’t be permitted to come back into our street for an indefinite amount of time. So we are “sheltering in place.”

That’s the update for that. For more details you can check out

Bottom line: we’re gonna keep going.

I’m seeing the magnitude of what’s happening all around us through the lens of my bronchitis/flu as well, which I’m now in week 5 of ... I saw my doctor on Monday and am now on antibiotics so feeling hopeful that if I can stay put physically and keep the stress down I’ll get well.

On the news they asked that people suffering from flu not come to the ER for the next day or two so they could take care of the hundreds of injured mudslide survivors.

Before the mudslides, but after the fires, for a week there the flu was the big story in town. That lots of folks were dying from it. Controversy about the flu shot and its risks vs benefits.

It turns out there are really a lot of ways to die and the likelihood of me getting to control that part of my story is pretty low in some ways. The part of my story I get to write is now, the alive part, today.

Everyone is dealing with their own stuff, their own way. Everyone is suffering their own fears, demons, challenges, their own way.

I get to cut those people and myself a lot of slack as they navigate all this. Just cut all of us the biggest of slacks. Just take the biggest slack I can think of then double that, and double it again and again until all there is is light and gratitude.

I’m gonna keep going.

Please donate to the Red Cross if so inclined.