Just Sick

Flu! Crap. Now I’m sicker than I’ve been in a long, long while. It came on yesterday late morning with a snot faucet nose and hacking cough, and by bedtime full shivers and heat at the same time. We called our doctor but by the time she responded on Saturday of New Year’s Eve weekend our local pharmacy was closed and the big store chains reported they were OUT of Tamiflu. Apparently we are not the only ones sick in town.

I’m not sure if I slept last night or just went into this dreamlike state where as long as I stayed completely still I felt kind of okay, but even the smallest movement had me coughing and aching and owie. This morning I woke up and I already know it’s a bed day. Mike says he’s better and can take Ax, but he’s not better.

This will pass and I’ll forget to be grateful on the days I’m not spiking a fever or constantly blowing my nose. I’ll have other things to think about on those days.

But today I am grateful I’m alive, grateful this flu shall pass, and grateful Mike is lined up to bring me water and Tylenol and new Kleenex and everything I need in bed while I shiver and endeavor to recover. Being sick with help is a lot better than being sick without help. I’m gonna keep going.