Cleo’s Re-entry Routines

Cleo is happy to be home. She keeps showing up at the glass door by my bedroom meowing to come in. She exits the cat door in the kitchen, then walks around the house to receive human service for ingress. She’s been working that track since she got home. Out, around, in. Out, around, in. Yes, Cleo, I will let you in. Yes, Cleo, you leave when you want and then you come back when you want. That’s how it works even after the evacuation discombobulation.

She has a great deal. She knows it. What do we get? We get to enjoy her being her. She sits in our laps and lets us pet her, which is relaxing. Sometimes Ax will tease her with a ribbon on a stick or a bunched up piece of crinkly paper and she’ll go kitty wild, which is fun to see.

Other times we just enjoy having her around doing her kitty things, sleeping curled up in a bean bag chair, munching food from her dish, pricking her ears up at the sound of birds outside she will never catch.

She’s our pet. Or as Ax likes to say, “Cleo is my first pet.” Sometimes it’s annoying to keep letting her in knowing she will keep going out and wanting to come in again. Sometimes it’s amusing. Cleo’s gonna keep going. So am I.