Getting the Band Back Together!

So Christmas happened. I suppose at some point paying bills and unpacking and getting someone to change the filters in our heating system and stuff like that should happen. And it will. My head and chest are full of mucus and I don’t even like to do all of that taking-care-of-business stuff when that’s not the case. But I’m gonna do it, as quickly and efficiently as I can. Maybe tomorrow.

Today we get to pick up Cleo from her kitty evacuation spa. Ax was invited to join friends at his beloved science museum but he declined in favor of driving with his dad to get his beloved pet cat.

He’s missed her. So have I. We’re on the road to normal, which is so where I like to be. Once we have our cat our little team will be completely reunited post-evac.

I love my regular life. I don’t want anything different. I don’t want to go to Hawaii, don’t want to remodel the bathrooms, don’t want to create an exciting new career opportunity.

I want to be in this life, the way it is, and enjoy it, the way it is. It’s really pretty enjoyable that way, when I’m not looking to improve, enhance, spice up, or escape.

When I can just sit and look, and be, and rest in this life, as it is. And eat good food and enjoy the people around me for who they are and how they are. I have choices. I’m free. I can choose to take care of myself, as I am.

It’s amazing. I’m gonna keep going.