Return Day 1: Home, home, home, home, home.

 We are going home. Home home. Home. Home. Right now even kicking back in the brownish toast colored recliner with the broken footrest, the world’s ugliest chair, sounds awesome.Did I mention we are going home? And that we still have a home? Yeah there’s gonna be a ton of ash and a ton of clean up and a ton of mail and laundry and the normal chaos of homecoming, combined with recovering from the (new normal?) chaos of evacuating. But we get to start coming down from all this. God willing tonight we will sleep in our own beds, in our own home. And God willing, we will not need to evacuate again any time soon. We did the best we could, with the information we had, day by day. We kept Ax in muffins, pasta, kid-oriented activities, and feeling safe and secure as best we could. I think he had an okay evacuation. Like me, though, he’s happy to be going home to his friends, his home, his natural habitat. There’s a lot of great things to do and interesting people to meet all over the place but as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” She was so right. I’m gonna keep going.