Life Happens Everywhere, Anywhere

We got a new coffee maker but when we opened it up it wasn’t the kind I like, cone filter. It was flat-bottom filter. And kinda insubstantial, dinky. So we’re gonna return it. There’s no point in having stuff around that’s not helping my serenity. So that means coffee today is in the espresso-maker thing they have here. It’s pretty good, actually. I used one of these when I was in Italy.

And I’ll maybe get a regular drip coffee from one of those street carts on my way to my meeting. The guy at the street cart on 14th street and University was pretty nice so it would be good to see him again.

It doesn’t need to be exactly like home to be homey. It’s the second night of decent sleep I’ve gotten since we left and the veil of not-okay-ness is dissipating. I’m finding my feet, and Ax is too.

Yesterday for the first time he walked, mostly without complaint, on the city streets for more than a block or two. We arrived at our destination rosy-cheeked, invigorated.

On the way back he at first demanded a taxi, but then I told him we could skip all the way and we wound up doing some pretty fun freestyle dance moves and even some light jogging as we journeyed the two avenues over and four blocks up.

I love walking in New York and with my new Altra shoes, arch supports, and a little ibuprofen, I’ve been able to do a decent amount of it, for a Californian. I’ve been able to get where I’m going, six blocks here, ten blocks there.

There’s a lot of life you can meet and just be with here, out and about, without having to make a point of it. There’s a lot of humanity, and a lot of humans.

It’s not like where we live. Where we live there’s a lot of nature, a lot of natural beauty. Here, there’s a lot of retail, a lot of magnificent man-made marvels.

There’s a lot to appreciate in both places.  I’m so much better able to do that when I sleep right, eat right, get the right amount of physical activity, social activity, alone time, breathing time, and I can do those things anywhere.

I can let life be as good as it can be and as good as it is, anywhere. I'm doing it.  I’m gonna keep going.