Big Wheel Keep On Turning

We’re all headed to the grave, but we’re not there yet. I mean, if you’re reading this then you’re like me, alive, with some life ahead. How much life? No one knows. So okay, there’s that. Now what? Now, what do we do with this precious time we have here? What do I do with it given that I have no idea what is going to unfold next? Today my answer is not the same answer as it was in the past. Today my answer is to give my me-ness to the world as best I can, in all aspects of my life. What does that mean? I’m not even sure. But I feel pretty confident that it’s on the right track, for me, for now. It’s kind of my way of saying, “to thine own self be true.”

I’ve got to, I want to, sing my song, my way, and let it land in the world. Hopefully like a butterfly landing on a dewy leaf, or like a fuzzy kitten jumping into a fluffy pillow, and not like a warm steaming plastic bag of dog poop flung in the trash. But that part is not my part. The how it lands part is not mine. The singing part is mine.

So big wheel keep on turning, I’m gonna keep going.