Winter Break Strength In Numbers Gathering of the Kiddos

I spent my blog-writing time today composing the message below, which I intend to send to Ax's class, feel free to use this concept. Winter Break Strength In Numbers Gathering of the Kiddos

So, during Thanksgiving break I observed that when I had planned something for Ax, even something awesome, he often wanted to stay home and when I hadn’t planned something for Ax he needed a play date very badly, that minute, last minute.

Sure, there’s the zoo, Moxi, Sea Center, Natural History Museum, the beach, various playgrounds to go run around but everything is way more fun with a friend – for him and for me!

So, in anticipation of nearly THREE WEEKS off school and thinking that my kid can’t be the only one whose desires for company are hard to predict, I’m sending this schedule.

If you can, please commit to coordinate one or two time blocks and see if you can show up for one or two Winter Break Gathers – Team Kindergarten All the Way!

Unless otherwise specified, morning meet ups start at 9:30, afternoons at 2 and out of town visitors, grandparents, cool friends etc. welcome. Text or Email host YES’s only so no one worries they’re gonna show up and no one will be there ;-)

Date Coordinator/host Location What to Bring Coordinator comments (food, activities, needs)
Dec 17 morning        
Dec 17 afternoon        
Dec 18 morning Sascha (Ax’s mom) CSS Playground Scooters, bikes, balls, snacks, beach chair for sitting Meet up 9am, BYOE (bring your own everything)

We can make a game time coffee run if needed