Blonde Again 

Could someone please tell me where to get some cute yet comfy shoes? I ordered some old man walking shoes online the other day and they are hideous, even more hideous than I thought they’d be. Even more appalling than that – they are not all that comfy. What about the silver tsunami? Don’t all these aging baby boomers need comfy shoes? Like real ones? And hottie ones? Like, fetching. Yeah, yeah, yeah there’s the whole metallic sneaker trend and stuff but those shoes are TOO NARROW and NOT PADDED and JUST PLAIN CRAP. Plus I only wear black.

I want some comfy shoes. Black ones, maybe black-on-black. I’m thinking maybe Altra’s or someone told me Naot’s or I’m willing to try New Balance extra extra wide.

I have some septuagenarian friends and they tend to wear ballet slipper ish looking things with a lot of foot pads and toe separators and things like that inside. Or Uggs. But neither of those is really sporty enough for my go to black-leggings-casual look.

Anyway, so that’s the hunt du jour. Comfy hott shoes.

Now, maybe you regular readers have noticed that it’s a good sign for me to be pissed about footwear rather than tortured by inner demons? Yes! That cloud shifted yesterday.

I woke up and I meditated for like, two, maybe three, minutes, which is so much better than zero minutes. Then I had a banana, then two scrambled eggs and then I talked to my sister Rosie the brilliant physical therapist who told me to take a walk in my current ugly shoes even if my foot hurt so I did take a walk and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. And relieved.

And then I took care of some business and got my hair re-blonded. Which helped my foot and my overall wellbeing a lot. Plus I talked to some mom friends at Ax’s school when I picked him up and it turns out that I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed and just hanging on by the thinnest of threads these days. Like, big time.

So we all acknowledged each other and our thread-hanging and I put forth that hanging on by the thinnest of threads was still hanging on and was better than not hanging on – and that I preferred to feel better than that so I was re-committing to doing what I could to feel better, like back to basics hardcore. Like moisturizing, more leafy greens, more sleep, that kinda stuff.

Was it the eggs? The walk? The hair? The commiseration? The re-commitment to basic yet vital self-care? Cyclical this-too-shall-pass-ness? The fact that Ax is back in school this week? All of it? Who knows? I don’t need to know I just get to feel grateful for this feeling of buoyancy, returning. I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts, knowing that it will pass, again, and return, again. I’m gonna keep going.