Chocolate Chip Waffle Day

Sunday is chocolate chip waffle day in our house. Mike makes them with one of his many waffle irons, which we’ve acquired over the years to facilitate our Mexican Love Waffle parties. If you’re making waffles for a crowd, you need a lot of waffle irons. Mike’s made sure we’re prepared in that regard. What’s a Mexican Love Waffle? Mike can tell you best, but I’ll try: A Mexican Love Waffle is a savory waffle, made with a special kind of flour. It has corn, black beans, and green chiles cooked into it and instead of syrup on top it’s garnished with chopped cilantro, onion, guacamole, salsa, and hot sauce to taste. They are pretty dang tasty I will say, and they are not a light meal by any stretch.

Mike wooed me with his Mexican waffles shortly after we met. He picked me up in his beloved pop-top VW camper for our dinner date. Afterwards, he was taking me back to where I was staying, before heading back to where he was staying, and revealed, casually, “I happen to have brought ingredients to make Mexican Waffles for breakfast with me.” And the rest, is history.

Mike woos our son, in a very different way, with the chocolate chip waffles. Mike and Ax love their Sunday morning ritual of making the organic multigrain batter, putting in the chocolate chips, which is always, “Ooops I put too many in!” even if there are only four or five, the wonderful smell of the waffles cooking up, the fascinating physics of light colored pourable mush turning to crispy golden solid waffle, all of it is sacred.

Sunday used to be the day Mike left to go to work. I’d stress about making it a good day before he went on the road, which tended to make it not a good day. Now it’s chocolate chip waffle day, and that’s always a winner. We have a stellar breakfast ritual and the rest of the day unfolds as it will. I’m gonna keep going.