Fall Back Standard Time Waaaah

I officially do not like daylight savings time, or rather, I do not like standard time, I want daylight savings time back. It is light out now, and yesterday after school at the playground it became dark way too early. Ax is still waking up on “old time,” but going to bed on “new time,” which has myriad impacts, all bad. Oh, wait, you don’t need to hear me complaining. I’m sure there are a lot of people in your life, just like there are in mine, who complain. And right, returning to reality, let a bit of grogginess and playing in the dark be the worst thing that happens in my life. Please. Really.

So yes, I am groggy. And yes, I am writing with cartoons on in the background, and light outside coming through the windows, which is not my preferred situation. It’s easier to get in touch with whatever there is to get in touch with in the dark and quiet.

In the daylight it feels like I’m already late for something, something active. In the dark it feels like bonus time, when I might be the only person up anywhere. Me likey that way.

I will adjust. I am adjusting. I am noticing my discomfort, my unrest, feeling it, sadness, anger, confusion – I don’t want to do this time change thing! Waah! – and moving on. It’s coffee time. I’m gonna keep going.