Treat, Definitely Treat

We did it. We trick or treated, we hung out with other parents and other kids. Some kids and some moms had elaborate costumes. Some kids and some moms, like us, didn’t. It was a good time. The house we met up at had pizza and the Dodgers game on a big screen TV. One mom brought glow sticks. We were set. Yesterday afternoon, before we embarked on the trick or treating, I was so tired I felt like maybe I was getting sick. It felt like it’d already been a week of Halloween celebration and I was even contemplating bailing on the whole thing. Ax is still of an age where I probably could have tricked him into thinking Halloween was cancelled for some reason.

But then I closed my eyes, breathed in and out, and said, “Universe, please help me tonight, please keep us safe and protected.” I made a decision to make it a great night and enjoy what there was to be enjoyed. And there was plenty. There really was.

And then we came home and I was grouchy because Ax was buzzed on sugar and not wanting to go to bed even though it was Way Past Bedtime. But I consciously parented through it, kinda.

I said, “Ax have you noticed that I am grouchy now?”


“It’s because I’m tired and it’s time for bed. If you want to stay up that’s fine but I’m going to sleep.”

“Ok, ok.” And he stepped up the brushing, flossing, pottying, picking books bedtime prep work and we got to sleep.

Thank you, Universe, for helping us through Halloween. I’m open to whatever you’ve got for us today too. Just sayin’. I’m gonna keep going.