Push-It vs. Lounge-It

It’s lining up to be a push it day when I’m feeling like I could use a lounge-it day. So I’m sitting here wondering is there a way to get through the push it day in a lounge-y way. And, what might I eliminate, minimize, or modify in the push it day? The other thing I’m thinking about is tomorrow, Saturday, where I’m pretty sure we have nothing fixed going on and which could totally be a lounge-y day. So I can make it one more day pushing it. It’s not a crime to push it even when I want to lounge.

The last time I felt like this and pushed through anyway, I’m remembering now, I got sick. And there have been a lot of sick kids and sick parents floating around. I don’t think I’m getting sick, but pushing it when I’m maxed out might be a way to get sick, like a cold or something, which I don’t want.

I’m not a great sick person in terms of pulling it up by the bootstraps and keeping going anyway. I’m more of a take to my bed with hot fluids and homeopathic potions kind of gal. Yeah. It shuts down.

Oooh maybe this is one of those opportunities to notice how I historically am and see whether or not it really works for me. I could avoid the override and push through anyway, I could slow down, take care of myself before I’m forced to through illness or injury or whatever, I could self-regulate.

Ok, I’m going to muster the courage to modify a thing and still do what I need to do. The cannonballing through life no matter what is not how I want to live anymore. It’s not the truly courageous way for me. The more courageous thing for me is to feel how I’m feeling and honor it, do what it takes to take care of my truer, sometimes fragile, self. Not wait until tomorrow. Get on that honoring me stuff today. I’m gonna do it.