Everything's Alright

I was anxious and at sea a week or so ago. So I asked the ladies for help.Etherea said, “Pray on it.” Emerita laughed and told me I was fine, even though I did not feel fine, as in, “Ha, ha, ha, you’re fine! Gotta go! Talk to you later!” And Eloise said, “Are you going to be worried about this tomorrow or next week, or next year? No? Then just stop worrying about it now.” It felt like these women in my life, these women who were supposed to be my mentors, my support system, my trusted advisors, weren’t taking my malaise seriously enough. Every one of them gave me some version of let it go and hang in there. I wanted to know what To Do. Now I see there’s a reason I’m seeking advice from people who tell me basically the same kind of thing over and over again: It’s what I need to hear. Let it go and hang in there. I am fine. I don’t need to spend time worrying about anything. I don’t need to do very much except what’s in front of me. I can tap into that thing that some people call spirit, some people call G-d, some people call universal life force, and get some relief for my earthly cares that are mired in the very small picture. I can get into the big picture. The big picture, this life I’m living right now, is beyond my wildest dreams. And I get to have another day starting right now.