Vaycay Intention-Setting

Hey readers I woke up and it was late and we're in transit and so that's what's up. The one thing I will say is that the most important thing to me is to be kind and patient and loving and tolerant towards my family this week. Sometimes the path to take care of everyone is quite baffling with so many different perspectives and agendas from so many people I love, all in the same place. I get twisted up, tight, and unlovely.

The path of trying to take care of everyone is not my required, or desired, path anymore. I can be on the path of being patient, tolerant, kind, and loving, without that care-taking pleaser orientation and I think it might get me somewhere more authentic and livable. And I will still be loved, or not. But I will be living my life, on behalf of me.

I would also like to keep breathing, in and out, and return to that priority, return to center, over and over again. And there is this sub shop where we are going that makes an eggplant parm worth the simple carbs ... I would like one of those.

So now that I've set my intentions -- let's vacay!