Thank You to the Dads

It’s father’s day. I’m gonna call my dad and tell him I love him and appreciate him and all he’s done for me, even though that’s a little mushier than we usually get. Then I’ll ask him something about something he likes to talk about and just listen while feeling grateful that he’s alive and my dad and I get to know him. Mike is home. I think what he wants most for this father’s day is a nap, and as close to normal a Sunday as possible. I may get a cake, if the good bakery is open, although we both want to lose some weight and we’re limiting Ax’s processed sugar intake so perhaps cake is not the most loving thing I could do for any of us.

But it seems like there should be some specialness to the day, some acknowledgement of how much we love and value him, beyond just saying it. He’s not really that kind of guy though. He doesn’t want a fuss.

Ax already gave him the abstract rescue helicopter ceramic he made for him, so that was good. And I told him last night the new stereo we got would be his gift and he was cool with that although it seems in retrospect a little mean since the new tiny stereo replaces his humongous wooden speakers I finally, after twelve years, said could no longer be the focal point of our living space.

He’s a good man. He wants me and Ax to be happy, not in a codependent-y way, but in a real, that’s his pleasure way. He loves to be with us enjoying ourselves, or to know we are enjoying ourselves even when he can’t be with us. He’s willing to sacrifice his beloved wooden speakers for my need to have as minimalist as possible a living environment. He knows I’m sensitive.

And I know he’s serious when he says he just wants to chill for father’s day. So I’ve resisted having a party, or making reservations somewhere, or any of that kind of thing. Maybe the special thing will be that we’ll play a little more Grateful Dead than Katy Perry on our new stereo today while we nest up and fill up with family time before he goes off again to do his thing out there in the world. Hey Mike, I love you and appreciate you and all you do for us. Thank you.