Leave It!

I’ve had three perfect days in a row. I’ll confess, we’ve been on vacation, a little weekend trip visiting family in a new place, and it’s been perfect: Interesting environments, togetherness, good food, several playgrounds, and even a little tennis now that my knee is not hurting anymore. It’s suspicious because traveling and doing as much as we’ve been doing is a situation that isn’t necessarily perfect, so I’m thinking it might be my perspective that’s helping. It’s like after being sick with a cold for a while, that first day or two when you’re better and simply breathing without coughing or heavy lungs or stuffy head feels amazing. When I say things to myself like, “I must always remember how wonderful it is to feel healthy.”

The absence of discomfort is blissful. Like walking after I take off heavy ski boots, or lying on the living room sofa after the construction behind us has stopped, or changing into my old sweatpants after a day in real clothes. Ahhh.

So when I think about keeping my particular channel clear for my particular purpose to shine through with ease and joy, it’s useful for me to think about what I’m doing or having or cultivating that isn’t helpful. What can I de-clutter, rather than what do I need to add in? Less, less, less, less makes room for more, more, more, more of what feels right like the absence of pain feels right, just natural, what flows freely when I give it space to emerge and bloom.

For me it’s a lot of getting out of the way and being with what is. Really working my willingness to let things be as good as they can be and as good as they are. Taking it easy, doing much less. Trusting that the world will not end, that I will not end, if I let other people, places, and situations unfold as they are and appreciate what’s to be appreciated while leaving the rest.

Leave it! Like a command to a dog sniffing something rotten on the beach. Leave it! Whatever doesn’t serve is not for me to manage or dig into or improve or play with. Leave it. Walk away. Enjoy what’s for me, what comes in, what’s already here.