Keeping Sabbath-ish

Today I’m gonna rest. It’s a day of rest. We don’t do the whole Friday sundown to Saturday sundown no work thing on a regular, or even irregular, basis. Ok, we’ve never done it. But I’m thinking it might be a good idea to take a serious day of rest. Or at least an afternoon of rest, after the morning’s fire-fighter themed birthday party commitment and completing that cat door installation. I’m not sure why it seems so radical to spend a day just hanging with the family, perhaps meditating some, eating easy food, and chilling. I-Phone-free. Yeah. Phone-in-drawer style unplugged. That would be a big step towards true disconnection with the earthly world and re-connection with spirit or whatever you want to call it.

A weekly day of rest is freaking suggested – I mean commanded – in the bible. Not that there isn’t a lot of stuff in the bible I’m not so sure about on a literal level. But a day of rest I can support.

I could leave my phone home for the birthday party. Not take pictures of Ax in what I’m sure will be cute fire-fighter outfits and maybe even climbing a ladder or something. I could just witness it without documenting it. Just for today.

“Weeeee-Ohhh Weeee-Ooooo!”

“Yes, Evie?”

“Sascha, what are you thinking? You need that phone! What if something really cute happened and you couldn’t take a slo-mo? What if you became stranded? And by the way why haven’t you done anything with the 500 thousand photos you’ve taken since you made that album four years ago? What’s wrong with you? Get on it!!!!”

“Thanks for the input, Evie. Now go f-yourself.”

Yep. It’s definitely time to get radical about taking it easy. A true rest into the deliciousness of this day. I can do it.