Let Love Rule

Totally rocked mother’s day. Worked the whole love thing, being authentic thing, and it went down. Mom rocked it too. She hung in there and enjoyed what there was to be enjoyed which it turned out was quite a lot, despite a few prickly moments that could have – but importantly didn’t – spoil the day. Everyone let everything go, repeatedly. Brunch was Lenny Kravitz, “Let Love Rule” city. Mike and Ax had some secret agreement that resulted in my getting snuggles and hugs from my boy instead of the latest ninja moves and that was awesome. And the front hall is clutter-free, which was my true hope and desire, the big ask I wanted for my gift. I’m just going to gaze upon the cleanliness today and feel the love.

“Darling what would you like for Mother’s Day?” Mike asked.

“Really darling? What I really want my love is for you to de-clutter the front hall.” I answered.

I’m pretty sure he’d have preferred getting me a thing. Or cooking me something, or taking me somewhere, or performing an avant-garde interpretive dance in public, in a red State. But he took the challenge and he rocked it. The hall is pristine. And I’m so grateful I’m not even going to think about where in the world all that stuff got squirreled away. I’m sure it will find its way free.

This morning Ax woke up a little more snuggly than usual. He cuddled up into me and I had the sense of being a mama lion just holding him, loving him, protecting him, being with him in the early morning silence. “Mommy,” he said, in his squeaky little voice, “is today Father’s Day?”

“No, not today, love.”

“Oh, ok,” he said, and snuggled in again, my little ninja, my little lion cub.

Today it’s everyone’s day. I’m going to try this intentional loving kindness stuff on everyone, including myself, and see what happens. Let’s do this thing!