All-Request Summer Playlist

Just so you know, today is not day one of quitting coffee. I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback on the coffee-reduction concept. One friend suggested what I really need is more coffee midday to ease through the crash. So I may try that first. More coffee to solve the problems created by coffee. That makes sense. Ok on to more important things: It’s time to make a Summer playlist. The last time I made a playlist was for Halloween 2014, which we don’t talk about, but the music was amazing: So Fresh, So Clean; Get Ur Freak On; Like a G6; Don’t Cha; Where the Party At; Gold Digger; Moves Like Jagger; I Got 5 On It …. It got the kiddos and the mamas and even some of the dads dancing in our pre-nightfall livingroom rave.

The inspiration for this new playlist has come from Ax, whose school friend has taught him most of the band Europe’s song, Final Countdown. The joy and excitement he has when listening to the actual recorded version is completely contagious. So of course I want more songs that will have us jumping around the livingroom playing air guitar and making hair metal type bold moves and head nodding. It’s great for the soul.

So far Ax’s playlist has two songs, Final Countdown and Hickory Dickory Dock produced by Nursery Rhymes 123, which gets the same level of enthusiastic listening and singing along as the heavy metal. Our child has eclectic tastes. I’m proud of him. So I’m calling on the community for new song suggestions. Life is so much better with a rocking soundtrack. Let’s get Jiggy With It!