Team Me

I’m pretty proud of my sister Rosie. She asked some moms she didn’t really know to do something and they said yes and now maybe she will make some new mom friends. She said, “They were like, so happy I asked them.” Yes. Everyone needs friends. Everyone likes to connect. Not everyone is brave enough to reach out and do it. I need a lot of mom friends because with the mom crowd someone is always sick or traveling or working or too tired or on a new nap schedule or too pregnant again or whatever to get together or even talk on the phone. And I need to get together with girlfriends quite regularly as a key part of my overall well-being maintenance plan.

Even if it’s only a virtual gather, a phone date, a walk n talk, an unload the dishwasher and unload the day, it picks me up. So a deep bench of cool babes is helpful. When I listen to them, their ups and downs, it’s like beautiful music for me. And I’m always amazed at how generous the ladies can be with their love and their time. It’s fantastic.

Of course I have my all-stars. My former college roommate who is a galactically accomplished full-time worker and in a different time zone with multiple children, aging parents, a husband who travels and all that who I don’t talk to on the regular but when I do it’s like I’m instantly gotten. She just breaks it all down so fast and so clearly and she’s pretty much always right, which is a plus. She just knows me so well, and I know her.

But there are new babes in my life who know me pretty well too, who I love and care about and am willing to step up for, who I want to know and make an effort to know. And some of them I haven’t known that long, but I’ve been open to them, let them see me, let them know I see them, and I like what I see.

Today Ax really wanted a play date with one of his school friends who wasn’t available. I told him we’d go to the zoo and there would be other kids there he could make friends with. He wanted the friend he already knew. But we went to the zoo, he did find new friends, and we had a great day. I learn so much from this kid. What a deal.