Beachside Castle Hang

At one point during the party Ax left the beachside pool area where the DJ was spinning and everyone was hanging and snuck off to the roof deck by himself. Mike and I found him sitting alone under a hammock (yes a hammock on the roof). We said, “What’s going on honey? Why’d you come up here?” And Ax said, “I wanted to sing a song and I didn’t want anyone to interrupt me.” And then, after a bit, he returned to the festivities. I know I’m his mother, but still, I’m amazed at my five-year-old’s ability to self-regulate. I’m so grateful that he knows how to take care of himself so much of the time and that he feels comfortable doing it, and that he does it.

And after the swimming, the dancing, the sushi, the pizza, the cake, and the various cocktails and mocktails, the frolicking, Ax said, “I want to go home now.” And he proceeded to go to the car and get in. I said, “Honey we have to say our goodbyes and our thank yous before we can leave.” He said, hanging out in my driver’s seat, “That’s okay, I’ll wait here.”

I could tell he was done. Just done, so I left him in the car and went back, got Mike, and we said our thank yous and goodbyes. Just then, the hip 20-something bartender chick complimented my outfit. “Thanks!” I said, and sashayed out. It was a wonderful time, I’m glad we went, and I was happy to come home.