Ten Minutes Later ....

I’m not doing it. I don’t want to do it. I could do it. I never planned to post every day. But I’ve got something so here it is: Today what I want to say is that I lied to my friend Sunshine. I told her I lied, and at the time I said what I said I thought it was true. She asked me if I was craving more excitement and I said that these days the kind of excitement I’m into is whether to beach walk or hike, whether to maybe put yogurt in with my pineapple instead of having it just fruit, to think about possibly painting my toenails, or eating pasta.

I like the path I’m on and I don’t want to create chaos or drama. It’s exciting in a different way to be in my life in a way I haven’t had much experience at. There’s a learning curve here and I believe it’s enough for me to be, keep going, and see how life evolves.

But the untrue bit was acting as if the part of me that gets off on the bigger shifts, the grander schemes, the initiatives, is totally gone. There’s still yearning: Let’s open a Daytime Disco. Let’s start a multigenerational assisted living. Let’s move to Guatemala. Let’s open a spa, but not a spa. Let’s buy land and build something. Let’s….

But today I’m not doing that stuff. Today I’m still in the keep going, let it evolve frame of mind. Thank goodness.