Hello Dear Reader – Welcome to my Secret Blog

It is time to let you know that I have a blog, and I would like you to read it and subscribe to it if you are so moved. For a while now I have been writing for myself only, but I’ve discovered that writing is not exactly like yoga or swimming or hiking for me. Now, it’s sort of evolved into something that ideally could use another person, a reader, or even readers. That’s where you come in. Ideally I’d like you to read my essays and be transported to new realms of love for yourself, for others, and for the world we all inhabit together, which in turn might trigger a positive snowball of bliss, comfort, and joy for all and ultimately, of course, world peace and prosperity. It could happen that way.

That said, my advisors, mainly my husband and my therapist, tell me I might want to just put one foot in front of the other and accept where I’m at and who I am. So where I’m at is sending this to you. What happens next is out of my control.