The Gather

            I like to gather.  Gather together, gather around.  Let’s gather.  Gather gather gather gather.  Let’s be together let’s be joyful together and sad together and nervous and ashamed and ambitious and scared and bold together.  Boldly baby stepping towards something, feeling for what feels good together.  Hold my hand.  I will take your encouragement and give you some back.  We will do this together together.  I won’t tell you you’re wrong or stupid or delusional.  I’ll tell you what I really think: That you are wonderful and sweet and worthy and beautiful as you are; That you are lovely.  As a butterfly or a tree or that cawing crow is. 
            We have these minds, these magnificent terrible minds that get tangled like fishing nets and need more than ourselves to un-knot.  We need to float through the waters and catch what we need and let the rest float through.  We need to keep loose.  So loose, looser than I could ever imagine.  But not so loose that we float away completely.  Unraveled.  Or maybe that would be perfect, to let every single tie untie, let the rope unwind itself to gossamer strings that melt away in the sea of it all.

            It’s such a weird phenomena this earthly life when we are all just spirits in flesh clothing, looking to connect with each other and be made whole.