The Deep Breath Challenge

            Ok, I’m giving myself a challenge.  Every time I am triggered I’m gonna try to notice, pause, and take a deep breath, maybe more than one. 
            Ok here’s what I’m going to do:  Every time I’m triggered I’m gonna take THREE deep breaths and remember that I am a child of the universe having an experience in a human body and mind.  I am ok.  I’m going to ask the universe to help me show love, to help me feel safe and protected in this moment.  To help show me the way.
            Something like that anyway.  The child of the universe stuff creeps me out a little but not as much as mentioning G-D.  I’m ok talking about energy and the universe and life force and Qi (chee!) and nature and stuff like that, most of the time.  The Zone.  The Flow.  But when it gets even a whiff of religiosity I’m out.  I like my spirituality rooted in physical stuff, with plenty of sports metaphors and pop song references:  “Oooh Baby do you know what it’s worth, oooh, heaven is a place on earth,” The GoGo’s.

            I gotta stay open though.  Open open open, breathe breathe breathe.  It’s going to be ok.  I am ok.  Please universe help me show love.  Please universe help me feel safe and protected.  Please universe help show me the way.