The word comes from the root “to learn” but a lot of peeps think it means buckling down.  I wonder why there’s been that evolution in the meaning?  Maybe it’s because as we grow and become more ourselves, our better selves, on this earth, in these bodies, at this time, we learn that being of service is key to our wellbeing.  Discipline.  I like a routine.  I do better with a routine.   A plan.  A set menu of life.  And I’m learning what I like.
            There are some a la carte happenings going on today.  Off-menu irregularities.  They are building a skyscraper beside our house.  Mike is home all week.  My pregnant sister is visiting.  That’s enough.  And there’s tennis clinic today though I am still perhaps sickish.  I am prickled.  I am ok.
            Re: skyscraper, I will call the lawyer and spend money rather than break my heart over it.  Re: Mike, I will be grateful, and go about my business in his presence.  Re: sister, I will schedule her up with massages and facials and love.  Re: Tennis, I will overdo it and pray not to get sick again.  Or not.  Maybe not. 

            Ok, a plan.  I have a plan.  Lovely.  I can do this day.  Discipline.