Evac Day 3: Good to Go

We bumped into another family we know in our hotel lobby last night. The mom and dad were somewhat upbeat, though mom’s hair was a little more disheveled than normal. Their teenage daughter and son dutifully stood there silently while the adults chit-chatted about when the evac would be lifted and where they’d gone out… Read more Evac Day 3: Good to Go

Evac Day 2: Got Floss?

The whole deciding to be at ease thing worked well yesterday. I’m going to give it a whirl today too. It’s the only way to go. The other way is simply too rough, too obviously not helpful to anything or anyone. Too unpleasant for me and anyone around me. There are people choosing the other,… Read more Evac Day 2: Got Floss?

From Ouch to Ahhh

So there are little adjustments that can make all the difference between ouch and ahh. Physically, emotionally, energetically, and every which way. Thing is, when I’m in a habit of doing things one way, or thinking about things one, maybe two ways, I might not be able to even see a path to ahh much… Read more From Ouch to Ahhh


I’m running late today, the time change combined with another evac last night through tomorrow has us off-schedule a tad, though safe and sound. So check the website later if you need a post for today, or feel free to dig in the archives … Thanks for reading, Sascha