The Uniform

My friend Annabelle the fancy fashion designer says my uniform is fine. She helped me weed out the interlopers in my closet yesterday, the once-upon-a-time winner outfits that just weren’t anymore – not for this me, in this body, with this life. And clearing away that stuff, I saw that I actually am much better… Read more The Uniform

Re-Set Time!

Ok, re-setting works. But what I keep forgetting and re-learning and re-learning is that it’s not really re-setting but rather re-setting and re-re-setting and re-re-re-resetting, you the the idea, all day long, all life long. I’m thinking that’s part of the whole we humans are spiritual beings having a human experience thing. To me that… Read more Re-Set Time!

Everything Sucks Glasses

Yesterday, it seemed like everything and everyone had gotten particularly annoying and challenging. I’ve learned that generally means something is up with me. The truth is, I’m a tad under the weather. And feeling a bit crummy physically has gotten to my brain. And me no likey. The fact that it’s me was confirmed last… Read more Everything Sucks Glasses

Always Remember

I’m not writing about 9/11 today. I remember where I was. I remember who I was with. I remember. I’m sorry for the people who died that day. I’m sorry for the feeling of safety that died that day. I’m not sorry that I changed my life after that day. I’m not sorry that day… Read more Always Remember