Not Enough-itis

The cure for not enough-itis is not more, it’s a change in perspective.  I know that, and you probably know that, and yet not enough-itis still creeps in if unattended.   And there’s a culture of consumption that encourages the (diseased) way of thinking that more will lead to — peace? Happiness? Safety? A sense… Read more Not Enough-itis

Prayers for Safety

We’re so lucky sometimes it’s hard to fathom.  Like today, we have heat for our home, clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, even  chocolate.   The grey sky outside is morning mist, not smoke, I’m pretty sure, and we are safe.  At this moment we are safe. And yet.  Like so many friends… Read more Prayers for Safety

The New Normal

There’s a fire a few towns  south of us and a really big fire north of us, far north.   My friend Jazmine evacuated  to our place the night before last and hung out at our kitchen table most of the day trying to work from her laptop pretending to be normal. It’s discombobulating, the… Read more The New Normal

The Bird Show

I’m sitting on the new white sectional watching little black birds fly against the pale grey white early morning misty sky.  A gang of black flapping dots, cruising around, doing their thing. I used to watch this bird show all the time from my favorite morning chair, but then when we got the new white… Read more The Bird Show

Election Day!

There have been mass extinction events before and yet history continued.  There has been suffering and racism and toxic air and genocide before and history has continued.   Doesn’t mean I like those things or the people who promote those things.  Doesn’t mean I won’t fight those things and feel grateful for the privilege to… Read more Election Day!


Whoever thought truth would be a controversial concept?  But I don’t need to worry about you too much.  Not before I mind my own beeswax and get clear on what’s true for me. What’s true for me is I care more about people than stuff.  That my life is rich because my family and I… Read more Truth

The World is My Rave

Today, the day after Halloween, is like the Thursday night of my long-gone clubbing days.  It’s the day when the real freaky people come out to play.   Friday night and Saturday night are for amateurs, tourists, and office workers.  Thursday night is for people who care more about play than whatever happens the next… Read more The World is My Rave

Happy Halloween!

I’m looking forward to a sober Halloween, where I can enjoy everyone else’s shenanigans and know that Ax and I will be home safe and in bed at a reasonable hour.  He’ll get to have five candies this evening, and one a day for a week after that.  Then we’ll dispose of the remainder. He… Read more Happy Halloween!